Here, the objectives of KBC together with its mission and vision are discussed separately. The main objective of the college is to provide internationally recognized quality education together with practical knowledge through business and technical education. Some of the other objectives of the imparting B.Ed., BBA, MBA, MSW, Engineering, and other courses to compete in global arena.   The specific purposes of college are:

  • To provide quality education and development opportunities for the private, governmental and development sectors focusing on management capability at the junior, middle and higher levels.
  • To provide opportunities to students to study and garner theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the home country who, otherwise, want to go to abroad to pursue the perceived quality education in the graduate level of studies.
  • To produce professional middle and junior level managers/IT professional for business, public sector, governmental, and development organization.
  • Train and refresh knowledge of existing junior and middle level, thereby providing opportunities to improve their managerial and professional capabilities.
  • To prepare fully capable students with sound knowledge base which enable students to pursue higher studies in above mentioned courses.