Dear Student,
Your choice of the college is possibly one of the most important decisions that you make.

We are pleased that you are considering BernHardt College as your choice.

If you select BernHardt for your studies, you will be assured of receiving a quality program within a quality environment. I am confident you will be pleased with the overall quality of faculty and teaching methods, together with the physical facilities of the college. At BernHardt we respect individual differences of our students and value each student as a unique individual by supporting personal standards.

We hope you find this Information Bulletin useful in answering many of your questions about BernHardt and useful in selecting BernHardt as your college of choice. All staff in BernHardt cater for the needs of our students and they very much look forward to assisting you with your further enquiries and if you should select BernHardt as your college, working with you during your study program.

Thank you for your interest in BernHardt.

Kathmandu BernHardt College