BBM Curricular structure

The BBM program is based on semester system. It is a 4 year program spread over eight semesters, each semester constitute of 16 weeks of intensive study. The program covers 120 credit hours. The curricular structure has business tool courses, business foundation courses, focus area courses and elective area courses.

First Semester

ECO 211: Introductory Microeconomics

ENG 211: English – I

MGT 201: Principles of Management

MTH 201: Business Mathematics I


Second Semester

ACC 201: Financial Accounting

ECO – 212: Introductory Macroeconomics

ENG – 212: English – II

MTH 212: Business Mathematics II


Third Semester

ACC 312: Computer Based Financial Accounting

ENG – 313: Business Communication

FIN 311: Basic Finance

SOC 312: Nepalese Society and Politics

STT 311: Business Statistics

Fourth Semester

ACC 313: Accounting For Decision Making

FIN 312: Financial Management

MGT 313: Human Resource Management

MGT 314: Taxation in Nepal

RCH 311: Business Research Methods

Fifth Semester

MKT 311: Fundamentals of Marketing

MGT 314: Legal Environment of Business

OPR 311: Introduction to Operations Management

Specialization course

EED 211: Entrepreneurship Development

INS 212: Insurance Broking and Bancassurance

MKT 411: Consumer Behavior

Sixth Semester

MGT 315: Business Environment in Nepal

MGT 316: Introduction to International Business

COM 312: Database Management

BNK 214: Commercial Banking Operations

EED 212: Principles of Small Business Management (Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development-focus area II)

INS 213: Commercial Property Risk Management (Insurance and Risk Management- focus area II)

MKT 212: Advertising and Public Relations (Focus area II: sales and Marketing)

Seventh Semester

MGT 317: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

ITC 311: E-Commerce

ELE 226: Events Management (elective-I)

BNK 214: Commercial Banking Operations (focus area III)

BNK 216: Treasury Management (focus area IV)

EED 213: Creativity and Innovation (Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development-focus area III)

EED 215: Micro-finance (Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development- focus area IV)

INS 215: Life and Non-Life Insurance (Insurance and Risk Management– focus area III)

INS 214: Commercial Liability Risk Management (Insurance and Risk Management- focus area IV)

MKT 213: Creative Selling (Focus area-III : sales and Marketing)

MKT 216: Supply Chain and Channel Management (Focus area-IV : sales and Marketing)

Eight Semester

MGT 318: Business Strategy 3 Cr. hrs

ISM 206: Service Operations and Management (Elective II) 3 Cr. hrs

ISM 208: Industrial Relations (Elective III)

Project Report Writing Or Internship

Focus Area Courses V

BNK 218: Micro Finance and Rural Banking

EED 217: Project Management

INS 212: Insurance Broking and Bancassurance

MKT 218: Rural Marketing